最終更新日: 2022/07/14


抗葉酸受容体(Folate Receptor:FR)α抗体

抗体薬物複合体(Antibody-Drug Conjugate:ADC)

Guangzhou Bio-Thera Solutions has begun dosing advanced solid tumor patients in a Phase 1 clinical trial of BAT8006, an antibody drug conjugate (ADC) targeting folic acid receptor α (FRα). BAT8006 uses Bio-Thera’s anti-FRα antibody and its ADC linker-payload combination that includes a cleavable linker and a small molecule topoisomerase I inhibitor. BAT8006 is the first candidate from Bio-Thera’s proprietary new ADC platform to start trials. Bio-Thera has six candidates in late-stage clinical trials and has two approved products, plus candidates for immuno-oncology, ADC targeted therapies and autoimmune diseases.